Scissor Sisters Keep Vancouver Dancing In The Rain


Scissor Sisters
4 stars

Scissor Sisters
Malkin Bowl
Vancouver, BC
September 16, 2010

By Kim Cushington
Photo By Mhelanni Gorre

Scissor Sisters are pretty much the last of their kind. The final disco/pop/rock band standing. Their obvious predecessors (The Village People and Pet Shop Boys) are all nostalgia acts and the furthest thing from being current, but the Sisters’ anthemic dance music has people excited. In Vancouver, on their last North American tour date, droves of us braved the rain to explore the glorious excesses of 1970s gay America and what the future may have held if AIDS hadn’t extinguished the fire. Albeit a ‘70s full of rain, rubber boots, raincoats and umbrellas.

The Scissor Sisters had tons of energy, despite the rain and even made a lot of jokes about the downpour and the roofless Malkin Bowl. "Next time, we’ll make sure there’s a roof over your heads,” said Ana Matronic. “Whether we’re indoors – or I’ll buy the Malkin Bowl a fuckin’ roof outta’ my pocket. No such thing as ‘ being rained out’ in the Pacific Northwest.”

The band played some familiar songs such as "Any Which Way", "Paul McCartney", "Don’t Feel Like Dancin’" and "Take Your Mama" and were complimented by an amazing laser show. The colourful lights and lasers danced in the sky above the crowd and appeared to sparkle in the rain.

The show was loaded with in-synced choreographed moves and the band had lots of energy and momentum, which kept the crowed moving and warm in the rain. In fact, to avoid any delays in the rain,  the band avoided encores and just played through.

“We’re gonna’ be like Thelma and Louise. Keep going until we go off of a fucking cliff,” Matronic said.

The band closed the show with the suitable"Filthy/Gorgeous," which was probably true of the wet and drenched crowd. What would normally have been a colourful and stylish crowd now appeared as drowned out rats. But none of that mattered, we were kept dancing and smiling all night as members of the sisterhood.

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