Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Tracy Morgan – DVD Review


Tracy Morgan3.5 stars

Saturday Night Live in the 90s was plagued with shows and skits that were often hit and miss. For viewers, it was always fun to watch, because when the show did something right, it was often one of the funniest things we remember from the decade. That’s where the new extended versions of SNL’s Best Of series can pay off.

New this month, Maple Pictures in Canada has released The Best Of Will Ferrell and The Best Of Tracy Morgan. For this review, we’ll look at The Best Of Tracy Morgan, and I have to be honest right from the start that I never understood Morgan’s humour. Sometimes subtle and sometimes over-the-top, Morgan never really stood out for me as an SNL legend and before I sat down to watch the DVD, I had to think back at which skits I remembered and quite frankly none came to mind. So, with that in mind, this was going to be a new experience, especially the extended edition features that the DVD promises.

To my surprise, Morgan was actually quite funny at times. With skits like Safari Planet and the Ex-Porn Guys, Morgan was a brilliant comedian who was competent competing for the spotlight against such luminaries as Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon. There were other times in skits like Astronaut Jones, Black James Bond and Dominican Lou that I just didn’t laugh like I wanted to. There were also many times where I noticed Morgan turning his head much too often to look at his lines.
Some of the extras were interesting, especially the outtakes and Morgan’s audition for SNL. The greatest moment had to be Uncle Jemima’s Mash Liquor commercial. The skit saw Morgan as Aunt Jemima’s husband who really wanted to break out on his own away from his wife’s pancake success. He was selling his own brand of nearly 100% alcohol called Mash Liquor, all while animated birds and butterflies flew around his head. Now that was funny!

After watching the DVD, I can now say that Tracy Morgan deserved his place on the Saturday Night Live cast and had some very funny moments on the show. This new version of The Best Of Tracy Morgan, although not the funniest of the SNL collections, is a definitive piece and suitable for most SNL fans to rekindle some of Morgan’s funnier moments. It’s a great piece for any SNL collection.

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