September 29, 2022

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Santos FC puts pressure on Copa Libertadores Group C after beating Boca Juniors | Football | Sports

El Pique added six points, which is similar to xeneize, and three points behind leader Barcelona SC.

Coach Fernando Dinis Santos made his dream debut with a 1-0 win over Boca Juniors in Brazil on Tuesday, knocking Argentina out of second place in Group C of the Copa Libertadores and sinking into a crisis of classic pre-results with the river. Plate.

With two days to go before the end of the group stage, Felipe Jonathan (41) entered the qualifying zone for the 16th round, finishing second in the final match, which culminated in a good collective action on the grass from the port city of Santos to rib ground Belmiro.

The lack of goal options ended without two coaches, Dinis and Miguel Angel Russo, with repeated arguments being sent between them in the 68th minute.

With the win, Santos finished second with six points on the home run, and Boca, who conceded his third loss between local competitions and Libertadores, fell to third with the same score, but the same goal difference …

Barcelona (9) lost 2-0 in a match played simultaneously in La Paz.

On the final day, next week, the Brazilians will visit Bolivia and receive the people of Argentina Ecuador. (D)

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