November 28, 2022

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Santiago Banos reveals that America is going for ‘two or three reinforcements’

Mexico City /

His role though Opening in 2021, At America is already thinking In which eNext match, They hope to incorporate Two or three players To the Azulcrema team, he confirmed it Santiago Banos, The game leader of the Eagles.

“We have a solid plan and we’ve met with the training staff for next year’s competition; We hope to incorporate two or three players“, The manager noted in an interview TUDN.

In addition, Bathrooms He pointed out that Azulgrama is a company’s project 2022 ends Is to constantly support their young players and achieve good balance between all their players. “We are acting Gives a lot of strength to the basic forces And make a Balance between Mexican and foreign players On the first campus, ”he commented.

On the investment issue, Asuligrama manager stressed that they are willing to spend a good amount for a player, however they will carefully and very carefully analyze before making that decision.

“When should you invest Something really worthwhile, let’s make sure it works, We will do it. The model has changed quite a bit now We need to do a lot of analysis On the topic of strengthening the local league and abroad Complicated moments live onHe shared.

They absorb new skills

Second, Bathrooms He used the opportunity to point out that one of America’s objectives is to continue to train players, although he does not offer much of an opportunity, and he emphasizes that they will always strive to develop talent.

“We’m going a little bit, it’s not going to change overnight, nor is it going to be five or six players a year coming out on this team; An introduction and you have to enter it With experience, We can not To give benefit Introduction Four or five And The result will be affected by the issue Because it can’t be like that in this company, ”he confirmed.

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