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All About Steve3  - 1/2 stars

One of the movies that might get left behind in the holiday rush is the DVD/Blu-Ray release of All About Steve, a witty romantic comedy from 20th Century Fox starring Sandra Bullock as Mary, a slightly off-centered crossword puzzle designer who heads out across the country chasing news channel cameraman Steve (Bradley Cooper), who she had only met during a recent blind date.

Along her quest to join up with Steve (who has no interest in her by the way), Mary ends up becoming part of the news stories she’s chasing. Steve is confused and tries to dismiss Mary for a stalker, but this only makes her try harder. It’s a subtle, but sweet, comedy with a few twists along the way.
Not a typical role for Bullock, who normally plays cutesy sweethearts or extremely emotional characters, Mary is a free-spirit who takes everything with a grain of salt. Living one day at a time, Mary could one day be speaking to a class of children and the next join a human rights movement in an entirely different US state.

Absolutely adorable is the “Bullock grin”, which Mary wears proudly throughout the film, even in her most darkest and dismal moments.
Along with Bullock the film also stars Cooper (The Hangover) as Steve, Mary’s love quest. Thomas Haden Church (Smart People), Ken Jeong (The Hangover), Keith David (Coraline) and Kerri Kenney (“Reno 911!”) round out the cast.

The All About Steve two-disc Blu-ray Disc has high definition features including a hilarious parody with behind-the-scenes interviews by cast member Kerri Kenney. Additional bonus material includes cast and crew commentary, deleted scenes, a gag reel, an a capella duet with Cooper and Jeong, crew snapshots to Mary’s rap, Fox Movie Channel presents Casting Session, and Digital Copy for download onto portable devices.

All About SteveAll About Steve
20th Century Fox
DVD / Blu-Ray
Released: Dec. 22/09

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