December 7, 2022

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San Luis vs Toluca 0-0; The devil ‘steals’ a target; Werner, Hero

Beyond talking about the strategies put forward tonight Toluca and Atletico de San Luis, The Referee of VAR and Fernando Hernandez Gomez They came to the center in a game that ended in a goalless draw.

Tonight, the Scarlets are down a bit on the path they stick to after a loss Blue Cross To this day they expose the third place they have occupied until the 10th. For its part, the Bodocina team Move the levels at a slower pace, But with security for inclusion even with tracks.

The arbitration task was for its failures and for the confusion that the VAR continues to feed after the date. The 8th minute of the match and the controversy appeared. The right target from the Red Devils was canceled by both the whistle and the video arbitration system.

That is the argument The ball did not end within Axel Werner’s goal, although in the photos I could see how the local goalkeeper held the ball, but had already crossed the goal line.

After the emotional blow, Tolucca showed more level play with his best player, Rubens Sambuvesa. On behalf of the competitors, German Fertrem Who represented danger without doing effectively against the target Alfredo Soldier.

The first half was over, and the lack of conflict remained the same until the new look of the VAR came out. At 65, Hernandez gave Gomez a penalty in favor of Tolica, a mistake made by Ricardo Chavez at Enrique Trevorio. With the decision taken, The video has asked the referee to reconsider He went to the monitor to confirm. After about five minutes, the maximum fine was imposed.

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Point Pedro Canalo Take the ball, put it in place and shoot with little force, which is a factor Helped save Werner A kind of sports justice can be achieved because the criminal court has created divisive opinions.

See the final extension and deliver their own success, Fertrem He had a very clear scoring opportunity in front of Salta’s frame. Error of George Torres Nilo Wasted by a player from Potosi, he was alone in the area and could not define the slip.

Thus, the game ended with a draw without a goal to leave the game Demons with 18 units They are waiting to see what their closest followers (Monterrey, Puebla and Santos) will do. For its part, S.C.A Lewis jumped to ninth place with 12 points.