December 1, 2022

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Salvadorans take to the streets on Independence Day, led by youth and women against Naib Bhukel

Different calls for a fight this Wednesday in the center of San Salvador

Fedima Artis moves between meetings, video calls and her social networking sites to trigger calls from September 7 Demonstrations took place on September 15, marking the 200th anniversary of El Salvador’s independence from the Spanish Crown. And not only that.

Calls for this Wednesday’s parade – there are about 20 different – are a must Rejecting Buckeye and his most controversial and infamous actions, unite in a single event. His goal is to seek a presidential election, such as a reform that would clean up one-third of the country’s judiciary, or the implementation of bitcoin as a cryptocurrency of the legal system.

The ruling party is also on the agenda for the day Providing a list of reforms for two-thirds of the constitution, including the possibility of re-election of Buckeye.

These are not the first protests against the president, but according to some organizers, It is a reservoir that marks the beginning of a strong street struggle and, for the most part, to create the most radical opposition front in a country where Naeem Bhukle and his followers have taken over the administration – including the Armed Forces -, the legislature and the judiciary.

On September 7, the day Bitcoin went into effect, Buckell saw the first major street call since becoming president in June 2019. Owner of record reputation ratings, troubled by formal political opposition to a victory for his party in this year’s assembly election, Civil society’s response to the government’s actions is irrelevant. Until now.

Naib Bukhale spoke to his supporters on Wednesday after an extraordinary meeting of the legislature in which he proposed a draft reform of the constitution that would qualify him for re-election.
Naib Bukhale spoke to his supporters on Wednesday after an extraordinary meeting of the legislature in which he proposed a draft reform of the constitution that would qualify him for re-election.

“September 7 marked a turning point in the street fighting. Dissatisfaction and exhaustion have already reached unbearable levels for the population.”Artis, a feminist and digital activist, says in the general group of promoters of the so-called marches.

The organizers expect the plaza to fill at least 5,000 people in Morazon, In the center of San Salvador, is a normal number compared to the great marches of the military dictatorships and the El Salvador of the Civil War of the 70s and 80s, but appropriate in times of refuge that did not see a few dozen concentrations. When their representatives attack the Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office to appoint officials similar to those companies.

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There is another thing that distinguishes the organizers of these marches from previous leaders. Although the ruling party, through speakers such as the Minister of Labor, has insisted on overthrowing the traditional left and right, the truth is This time there are no major political parties, unions or strong unions behind the struggles. Leadership is very horizontal, and feminists and youth stand out among the most notable organizers.

“Women and young people feel oppressed very quickly … Young people have no opportunities, they have no future. No hope. nothing. The first option may be frustrating, but then comes the struggle, and women are more vulnerable to sexual violence, massism, and misogynism, which is multiplied by a thousand in repressive regimes, ”says Juan de la Cruz del Black, one of the movements in 15 of the famous youth marches.

Acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal tender generated strong rejection from all sectors of the economy
Acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal tender generated strong rejection from all sectors of the economy

The government’s earlier response to the call for street protests, made mostly on social media, followed almost all the steps of the Buckleism campaign manual to divert attention.

President Buckell did not mention the matter until now and sought to divert the conversation by reactivating the digital application “Chivo Wallet”, which was funded with public funds for transactions with Bitcoin, and announced the launch of a free vaccine against it. . Covit-19 for children between the ages of 6 and 11 is something that has already been objected to by the El Salvador Pediatricians Association for “not having enough performance data to support a presidential decision” (the United States, for example, has not yet approved the vaccine for that age range).

Before September 15, Buckell had time to confront a journalist on Twitter who would clean up the judiciary for legislative reform.

However, the protesters understand what the government is preparing and some fear that some will prepare for the infiltration of civilian intelligence or security agents in an attempt to disrupt the march.

“There are those who are afraid of revenge, and the organizers are talking about how to guide those who want to come to the parade and indirectly or who want to arrest them or confiscate their phones.”, Says member of the opposition Neustro Timepo and Andy Filer, who will be participating separately in the march.

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Filer and the other organizers he spoke to Infobe Before September 15, they say, Rumors that government agents would infiltrate the march “to provoke riots and damage private property, to give a bad image.” Sending the National Civil Police to San Salvador access routes would be another tactic.

For now, the only official information from the government is that the president will speak on the national radio and television network at 8 pm (local time).

Unprecedented alliance in recent times

We must go back to 1944 to find the cooperation of social forces such as Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez, the military man who commanded the Iron Launch in El Salvador for 13 years and helped push it down. 1932, Massacre of tens of thousands of indigenous peoples.

This has not happened since the signing of peace agreements in 1992 that ended the civil war. The streets of San Salvador are preparing to receive members of different doctrines and religions with one common slogan: the rejection of Naib Bukhale and his principles.

The ruling party wanted to use the combination of those ideas against the marches, describing them as a gathering of the political left and right that ruled the country between 1989 and 2019 and its fall contributed to the rise of Bukele to power.

Ernesto Sanabria, the press secretary to the president, noted the protests in a series of tweets late on the night of September 14. The so-called “marches” are not real expressions of citizens, but ARENA-FMLN bilingualism (El Salvador’s governing parties) and … their satellites for the withdrawal of the old manual of conflict and secession, “he said. He is in jail today for corruption.

Organizers are quickly moving away from traditional political leadership, insisting that this is a spontaneous meeting of citizens from different walks of life, all tired of buccaneering.

National and international civil society organizations have been warning of the dictatorial course of the Salvador government
National and international civil society organizations have been warning of the dictatorial course of the Salvador government

“Expressing a diverse population and organization was the most important challenge, with some issues and various ideological agendas so far apart that they could be seen as a single front,” says Filer. “A diverse joint committee that agreed to these marches in a short period of time. “He adds.

Fedima Artis, a feminist, talks about the diversity of the conference, which refers to “building bridges to find minimums”. Said Carlos Clare, literary author Infobe These minimums are integrated around the rejection of presidential policies: “Anger at the administrator’s disrespect for the rule of law.”

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Roberto DuPont, a digital activist who took part in the organization of the protests, insists that this is a citizen’s call: “This call, the protagonist community, deserves to be recognized at first without ideological overtones, but in response to a dictatorship that has led us into conflict.”, Dice.

There is also the absence. The most notable of the Salvadoran business community, Its key representatives were close to Buckell and generally supported him. In recent weeks, the National Association of Private Companies (ANEP) has released a statement in which it greets protesters and urges the government to respect them on the streets. What ANEP does not do is mobilize its members.

The leadership of the Catholic Church, still the most influential in the country, issued an official statement on September 12 condemning the presidential re-election attempt. The bishops did not advance their participation in the procession, but some of the organizers promised that there would be deans who would express their will.

At the end of the day on September 15, after the first real and public protest, the nation will end up with Bucklein’s message, and it remains to be seen whether the coalition born out of the president’s rejection will make noise in the streets.

IT expert Mario Gomez, who was arrested by Buckeye police on September 1 after criticizing Bitcoin’s policy, is confident: “I think the March 15 rallies will be a start because not everyone wants to leave. Surprisingly, there is a clear motivation for people to march on the issue of Bitcoin rejection and re-election, “he said.

Ruth Lopez, a lawyer, lit a spark at the 15th parade, ignited by the policies of Naib Buhel. (President) was able to close (these departments) closely, not merge; The unit situation cannot be, it is not a day. There is one goal that can unite: to deny power. “


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