September 29, 2022

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Salvador Quispe: They are ‘scared’. (Jaime) Nebot (Raphael) Korea | Politics | News

Salvador Quischbe, a member of the Green Party, noted that Jaime Nepot’s latest statement broke with the B.Sc.

Jaime Nebot, a legislator from the Green Salvador Quizzeb, on Tuesday referred to recent statements to a digital media outlet about the B.Sc.

“It’s fun to hear all the governments trapped in Nepot. Now with this setback they have acted like the last iceberg in Ecuador says, they are ‘scared’. They are afraid of time, “he said in a video circulating on social media.

Quixote denied that the Tsar would try to overthrow Guillermo Lasso’s government: “They say we told him we were going to overthrow him in a year, I don’t know what nonsense is. What we are doing here is an attempt by President Lazo’s government to break free from the shackles of Naboth. ”

Jaime Nebot: Mr. (Guillermo) Lasso meditates before this, finances the contract, encourages, gives signs, gives his word, and then repents. It cannot be done by a (elected) president

Earlier, Nebode described how the agreement between the Social Christian Party and the CREO movement had been broken, part of which was to seize the presidency of the Union for Hope (UNES) National Assembly.

He said that after the April 11 election, Lasso had invited him to his home several times to inspect the National Assembly. They considered several names, including Henry Granflase.

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Finally, it was not passed and the CREO camp and other legislators abstained.

Nebot criticized Lazo’s position for not respecting the signed legislative agreement.

With a dictum, Guillermo Lasso rejects political deals after a break with the B.Sc.

“Mr. Lasso meditates before becoming president, sponsors the deal, promotes it, signs it by his block boss, gives his word, and then regrets it. A president can’t do that,” he said, and promised he would never sit down with Lasso.

After this, Lasso uploaded a video on his Dictoc account in which he does graphics with a dance and a song and wants Ecuador’s interest in political deals.

Lasso wrote: “The people of Ecuador gave me hope. I will not deceive them. I will be with you.” (I)