December 1, 2022

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Saab will face his first confrontation with justice in Miami this Monday, but it warns that it has “nothing to cooperate with” the United States. Univision Latin America News

Colombian businessman Alex Chop, portrait of Nicolas Maduro He was deported from Cape Verde to the United States on Saturday, where he will be tried for money laundering. That he had committed no crime.

Its The first confrontation with American justice is scheduled for Monday, In Miami.

49-year-old businessman and his partner Alvaro Pulito, his whereabouts are unknown The United States has been accused of running a vast network that exploited the food subsidy system in Venezuela..

According to Washington, It transferred about $ 350 million outside Venezuela to accounts controlled by them in the United States and other countries. They face up to 20 years in prison.

“I have nothing to do with the United States. I do not commit crimes in the United States or any other country. I do not want to lie in favor of the United States against those who have an inhumane siege (against Venezuela).” The letter was read. By Fabriel, during the struggle for Saab’s release, he promised to write it before he was handed over. According to EFE company.

In the text, Businessman Washington and Juan Guido blamed the Venezuelan opposition for his life and physical integrity.

I will face judgment with full dignity As an employee of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela he emphasizes my diplomatic immunity, “he wrote in a letter stating that he was not” suicidal “and that if anything happened to him it would be murder.

Federal evidence suggests that Chap volunteered to cooperate

A federal source told UNICE Investigative that Chap Offered to cooperate with U.S. authorities before and after his arrest. The businessman has denied such attitudes. The cited source said that while detained in Cape Verde, Saab sent an envoy who provided intelligence related to the Iranian government.

When asked if the claims made by Saab to federal lawyers were credible, businessman and financial adviser Pedro Brelly responded: ” I give it full credibility. I think what Alex Chap’s personality and what is known about Alex Chop suggests is that he is getting into the criminal business more than he understands.

Saab charges in US courts

Saab has been charged with seven counts of money laundering and more than one count Conspiracy to whitewash Also, since May 2019, it has been approved by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

After his arrest, in June last year, the Venezuelan businessman promised to be a Venezuelan citizen and a government “agent” who was “in traffic” in Cape Verde, for which his lawyers “have an inalienable right” to serve as special envoy from Venezuela.

Saab has been charged Fictional exports to Venezuela Office of the Ecuadorian Attorney General from Ecuador; Reported by Portal Armando. Info d Sales of high fees and poor quality food Government of Venezuela; He faced an indictment by the Colombian prosecutor’s office Financial fraud And in recent years he has become great Nicolas Maduro was the operator of the regime in the gold, oil and coal trades.

Venezuela’s opposition is asking the government to return to dialogue

From a hotel in the Mexican capital, Gerardo Blythe, leader of the opposition delegation, warned the press that “these delays will not help.” According to the AB Agency report. The fourth session of the process – which began in early September – is scheduled to take place between October 17 and 20.

“No person is more important than the entire Venezuelan people”Reading a statement called the “Venezuelan Unity Platform”, Blythe said in a clear note of the decision of the official group not to go to Mexico to protest the extradition of Saab.

In a statement on social media on Sunday, the Norwegian government, acting as an assistant to the dialogue, said it would continue to work, “The parties will continue their important effort on the negotiating table as soon as possible. A solution. Political and inclusive for the benefit of the Venezuelan people.”

“Norway is confident that a single solution will be negotiated in Venezuela,” the European government said.