May 19, 2022

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Russian team expelled from Europa League as a result of the ‘war’ unleashed by Putin in Ukraine!


FIFA suspended Russia In all its matches, in reaction to the Russian attack against UkraineIt is already celebrating its fifth day this Monday.

Abramovich quit his job at Chelsea due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The top football organization is leaving Qatar for the 2022 World Cup RussiaWho had to play in the playoffs Poland. From the beginning of the conflict, the Polish team was determined not to deny its commitment against the Russians and their prayers were heard.

UEFA also makes that decision Moscow Spartak Was Expelled from Europa League, so Leipzig Will advance to the quarterfinals without playing in matches on March 10 and 17.

Leaders Spartac They valued playing duels at home in Yerevan (Armenia) or Baku (Azerbaijan), but were eventually eliminated from the tournament.

Similarly, the Russia women’s team It will be excluded from the European Championships to be held in July in Great Britain, where teams from the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland will play.

National teams refuse to play Qatar 2022 playoffs in Russia

Decided to suspend Russia Supported by a number of federations, including the powerful German (DFB) and English (FA) federations.

“I can not imagine a match against Russia, it is not possible,” they announced from the FIFA Council.

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