December 7, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine War: Top Stories, Invasion Analysis and News

Russian ground forces are being reorganized as western Ukraine comes under attack for the first time

Earlier this Friday, Russian forces launched a series of missile strikes against a wide range of targets across Ukraine, causing significant damage to the central city of Dinibro and its environs, as well as airports in the western part of the country. Conflict.

The Lutsk airport in northwestern Ukraine, 70 kilometers from the Polish border, was badly damaged. The governor of the Wallin region said four missiles were fired from a Russian bomber and two were killed. Smoke also rose from the Ivanov-Frankivsk military airport in western Ukraine, which had been hit by missiles.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday that “long-range high-precision weapons have struck Ukraine’s military infrastructure.

Fighting has intensified in the northeast and east of the capital, near the city of Kiev, following the successful attack on a Russian tank passage by Ukrainians on Thursday. That lead is still active.

No casualties were reported in the overnight airstrikes in the Proveri district of eastern Kiev, according to Kiev officials.

Ukrainian officials say a missile strike has hit the city of Perishevka, about 45 kilometers east of the capital. According to officials, 60 apartments, four apartment buildings and 10 houses were damaged.

According to Maxar satellite images on Thursday, a Russian pillar that had been in the suburbs of Kyiv for nearly two weeks was shattered. Looks like the forces are reuniting.

Janes’ lead analyst Thomas Bullock told CNN: “Strategies to attack Ukrainian supply lines have worked well, especially in the first 5-10 days of the war, as part of Ukrainian tactics and how Russia has acted.

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“During the first two days of the war, Russian forces seem to have made it a priority to move forward to defend the targets quickly.

“This allowed Ukrainian forces to slip behind Russia’s advanced mechanized units and attack logistics columns traveling on unsafe roads in the rear.”

“It is not clear how effective this tactic will be as Russia begins to re-centralize its forces for a protracted war after failing to achieve a quick victory,” Bullock added.