December 7, 2022

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Russia and Ukraine: Intensive security measures to protect President Putin | International | News

Hundreds of bodyguards accompanying the Russian president 24 hours a day are closely monitoring his every move.

His food is prepared stealthily and everything he drinks should be checked before his close advisers.

And that’s it Former KGB officer – Soviet Defense Service – well aware of threats surrounding itself, especially during wartime.

Putin is leading his country’s invasion of Ukraine and this poses some additional security risks.

But who really has the responsibility to protect it? And what are some steps that can be taken to keep it safe? Here is what we know about it.

Extensive Security Committee

Among the many security services currently in operation in Russia is one that is specifically dedicated to protecting the President and his family: Russian Presidential Security Service.

Depends on this team Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSO), It originates from the former KGB and protects other high-ranking Russian officials, including Prime Minister Michael Michustin.

From there, black-clad men wear earphones and shadow the president day and night.

Beyond Russia, according to a sales outlet owned by the Russian government, when these agents come with you on operations abroad, they organize themselves into four circles.

The close circle was made up of his personal bodyguards.

The second circle was made up of guards who went unnoticed by the public. Third, around the perimeter of the crowd, prevent suspicious persons from entering.

Fourth and last, snipers located on the roofs of surrounding buildings.

The FSO sniper is located on one of the walls of the Kremlin in the center of Moscow. Photo: Getty Images

These agents also accompany Putin as he travels from one place to another.

“Putin does not like helicopters; It is usually moved with a large caravan, motorcyclists, many large black cars, trucks and the like. For this unit, any drones in the air will be blocked and traffic will be stopped, ”he explained to BBC Mundo. Mark Kaliotti, Russian security expert and director of magic intelligence, a consultant who analyzes security issues in this country.

Supported by the Russian Presidential Security Service “Russian National Guard”Or rosgvardiaIt was created by Putin six years ago and has been described by some as the president’s “personal army.”

Although it is independent of the Russian armed forces and its official purpose is to protect borders, counter-terrorism and maintain public order, in practice one of its most important tasks is to protect Putin from potential threats.

“Everyone knows they are mostly Putin’s personal bodyguards,” he told BBC Mundo. Stephen Hall, Educationist in Russia from the University of Bath, UK.

“And the president is very much protected by them and other security services,” he added.

Viktor Solodov, Putin’s bodyguard, is the head of the National Guard. Photo: Getty Images

Currently, the National Guard is headed by who Victor Solodov, Former Putin bodyguard. He is a loyal ally of the President and has increased almost in recent years 400,000 Troops that are part of this security force.

“This is a huge number, and the security forces for presidents like the United States are not even close to that number,” Hall says.

What steps are being taken to protect it?

Although it is difficult to say how far Putin’s defense measures will go, the Kremlin and Russian defense experts have shed some light on the matter.

One of the issues handled very carefully Food.

According to Mark Galioti, fearing poison, Putin a Personal taster The president checks everything he is going to eat.

Photo: Getty Images

“It’s part of a style Close to a medieval king More than a modern president, “he told BBC Mundo.

Also, when you travel outside of Russia, the Presidential team takes care of everything you consume.

“They take all the food and drink he is going to eat. So, for example, if there is an official champagne toast, he will drink from the bottle that his team brings, not from the others, ”explains Goliotti.

Stephen Hall, meanwhile, says his personal bodyguards are paying close attention How they cook Avoid any risk.

Smart phones

Another measure that seeks to protect it is prevention Smart phones Inside the Kremlin.

The Russian president himself has confirmed that these devices will not be used.

In 2020, in an interview with the Russian state news agency TASS, he also pointed out that if he wants to contact someone, there is an official tax to do so.

This Aras Arsenal van is part of a motorcade that accompanies Putin as he travels from one place to another. Photo: Mikhail Svetlov

His advisers agreed. Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, He has repeatedly said that Putin does not use mobile phones because he “does not have much time”.

But the truth is that this is one of the reasons why Putin is reluctant to use this technology He does not trust the internet deeply.

In the past, in fact, he called on the Russians not to do Google searches because he believes the Internet is a “CIA program” – a US intelligence agency – that monitors all American information.

“Putin rarely uses the Internet. Everyone knows he does not like phones. Well, to be honest, from a security standpoint, Putin is absolutely right. Smartphones are not very secure,” Goliotti said.

With this in mind, academics confirm that it was reported by Putin Paper files Provided by your advisors.

Photo: Getty Images

“You start your day with three safety explanations. One is about what is happening in the world, the other is about what is happening in Russia, and what is happening within the third elite, ”he says.

“To him, This is very important information And something that will define your day. “

“I remember talking to ambassadors and foreign ministry officials who told me they were frustrated that Putin would think his spies were right and that the ambassadors were wrong if they were reported to be in conflict with their intelligence services,” he said.

Isolation and Infection

Currently, there is access to Vladimir Putin Very limited.

Some leaders who meet him have to respect the distance of several meters. Recalled meeting with his colleague from France, Emmanuel MacronShould sit at the other end of a long table.

Some of these activities are inherited International spread of corona virus It further isolated him.

According to the BBC’s Russian service, activities implemented during this period include the following: mandatory two – week isolation for anyone wishing to watch it; Strict medical control system that includes periodic PCR tests for everyone around him; And their attendance at public events was almost as low as the total.

On March 15, Dmitry Peskov, the Russian government’s press secretary, confirmed all anti-Govt actions related to Putin’s security. Will remain the sameUntil “experts” consider it “appropriate”.

In Russia your personal health is viewed as a matter of national security.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today, General James Clopper – who oversees the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA – served as one of President Barack Obama’s key advisers. Putin was isolated.

“Putin has been largely isolated, especially with epidemics and mix-ups over the past two years.

A similar view holds for Kaliot. “Putin is very lonely. Circle of people around him Drastically reduced“, He notes.

Photo: Getty Images

“He will no longer travel around the country. His appearance at public events is very unusual. Some people who have a personal relationship with Putin include security guards,” he says.

This explains why many of them have been appointed to high positions, according to Kaliotti. Victor SolodovIn national custody).

Some intelligence analysts say the intense security measures surrounding Putin are partly explained by the real Russian “paranoia”.

With his experience in the KGB, others say the president knows better than anyone how important it is to protect his own security.

Whatever it is, it all means increasing its security and privacy. And, as Kaliotti says, things are being done “as Putin wants” in the Kremlin. (I)

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