August 16, 2022

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Russell Westbrook, client breaks up over future row with Lakers

Russell Westbrook, client breaks up over future row with Lakers

Russell Westbrook wants Lakers to trade it.

If that wasn’t clear before, his former agent now, Thad Faucher, has made it clear, and Statement by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski To explain why Westbrook is no longer an agent:

“I have represented Russell Westbrook for 14 years and am proud of our partnership which included the highly successful 2008 Draft, Super Max contract and the only renegotiated and extension contract in history,” Faucher said in a statement. I’ve also supported Russell throughout his rise to prominence in the fashion industry, and most recently arranged three consecutive deals on Russell’s behalf – culminating with the trade in his hometown of the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Each time, teams give up valuable players and assets to get Russell – and each time, a new organization has embraced his arrival. We have done so with grace and sophistication.”

By itself, none of the above will be noticeable. It’s friendly and respectful enough, but it’s what comes next that makes it clear where Westbrook stands, and what his difference of opinion with Foucher is that leads to their split (emphasis mine):

“Now, with the prospect of a fourth deal in four years, the market is telling the Lakers that they must add additional value with Russell in any trading scenario. Until then, such a trade would require Russell to immediately move on from the new team via acquisition.”

“I think this kind of transaction only devalues ​​Russell and his best option is to stay with the Lakers, publicly embrace the starting role and support of Darvin Hamm. Russell is the first inductee into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and will prove that again before his retirement.

“Unfortunately, there are irreconcilable disagreements about the best way forward and we are no longer working together. I wish Russell and his family all the best.”

If the Westbrook agent of 14 years – someone who will likely have heard what other teams will offer him in terms of the role and future prospects – says he thinks Westbrook’s best option is to stay with the Lakers, and they are separated because they differ. …then it shows that Westbrook is pressing hard to leave the Lakers.

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It’s unclear why Foucher chose to make such an announcement, or whether he quit or was fired, but when Westbrook and LeBron James couldn’t even pretend to be friendly in a nationally televised summer league game last week, it was clear to To some extent there are none. They wanted to continue together. However, this is as explicit as we will likely hear without using anonymous sources. A statement like that is very unnatural, and I’m not sure I can even remember a situation like this that has happened before in recent NBA history. This Foucher came and put this very clearly to move forward with this news in public, it should tell you everything you need to know about how far Westbrook has been dug into seeing the Lakers exit as the best path forward.

Fortunately for him, the feeling is beautiful clearly subscriber. Fortunately for all parties involved, there haven’t been many racers on Westbrook yet. We’ll see if that changes as the season progresses, but at least, we now know where Westbrook stands, and that doesn’t seem to be a situation where he’ll go back, buy, and happily bring him back. Now it’s up to the Lakers to figure out how to deal with that. And even less fortunate for everyone, in the wake of this statement, their influence in such a deal has never been lower.

Update 1: After this story was first published, Westbrook’s Twitter likes seem to indicate that he disagrees with Foucher’s characterization of their breakup.

Update 2: Dan Wyck and Brad Turner Los Angeles Times She provided some additional clarity about the situation, stating that Westbrook never explicitly called for a trade:

Multiple sources with knowledge of Westbrook and Lakers’ thinking told The Times that Westbrook never asked to be traded. Earlier this season, he opted to enter the final year of his contract, which will pay him $47 million next season.

Other sources told The Times that the decision to separate from Foucher “has nothing to do with the Lakers.”

To some extent, this is a matter of semantics – should Westbrook ask the Lakers to do something they clearly want to do anyway? – But it’s worth noting nonetheless, as with his camp, that the move was due to a dispute between the Lakers.

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Update 3: Because tonight can’t stop being weird, LeBron James and his agent, Rich Paul, sent out some tweets… at an interesting timing…

Stay tuned…

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