November 28, 2022

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Round Robin – Caesar Waltz Introduces Big For Lyceum

Opening right-hander Caesar Valdes pitched seven non-scoring innings, handling eight outs while the East Stars were handcuffed, while Dowell Lugo and Michael de la Cruz led to a seven-run zero-win victory on Monday night. Ground in the continuation of the round robin.

With their victory, the Blues now finished second with Aguilas del Chibao 3-3. The Stars dropped to third place with two wins and four defeats.

The Oriental’s first hit came from Michael Martinez’s bat in the sixth inning of the Valdes, the second paceman rolled slowly and it became an infield hit.

As a result, the Bangladeshi players suffered two consecutive defeats. This Tuesday, Tigres del Licey will travel to San Pedro de MacorĂ­s to face the stars at Tetelo Vargas Stadium.

Cesar Valdez served in seven innings, having just three wins, giving up no runs to the green battery and hitting eight.

The Tigers attacked Pitcher Louis Medina in the same first episode, with his last-minute partner Andy Ottero having no action due to ill health.

Medina was severely punished by the blue bats and turned into a failed pitcher. He has no control over his pitches.

For the Tigers, Dowell Lugo and Michael de la Cruz each ran two laps; Sergio Alejandro had three wins; Emilio Bonifacio went 4-2.

For the stars, Michael Martinez, Yamaiko Navarro and Hector Sanchez are unstoppable.

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