December 7, 2022

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Rosario Murillo refers to sanctions as “punishment.”

Rosario Murillo, the first woman and newly appointed vice president, reiterated in her speech on Tuesday her criticism of the sanctions imposed on government officials by member states of the United States, Canada and the European Union. Murillo described the sanctions as “an epidemic of aggression” and acknowledged that they were a punishment.

“There is an epidemic of aggression against the people in many places. They call them sanctions, but they are aggressions, because whoever authorized the establishment of punishment, if punishment if allowed, especially the people are brave, they are fighters, we deserve, we deserve, we defend our rights.” We speak of sovereignty and heroism, ”Murillo said through his official media.

Murillo, his four children and several officials of the Daniel Ortega regime were allowed into the United States in the wake of repression against civil strife that began in 2018 for corruption and human rights abuses. Ortega allowed Murillo’s children’s police and private companies.

Murillo and other officials have also been allowed in, especially by Canada and the European Union.

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Among those admitted were National Police Chief Francisco Diaz; President of the National Assembly, Gustavo Borras; The leader of the Nicaraguan army, Julio Caesar Avilas; Minister of Finance and Public Debt, Evan Agosta, et al.

U.S. sanctions include blocking assets, prohibiting transactions under U.S. authority, assets or interests in a property, denying or revoking visas, and financial penalties.

Officials authorized by Canada have been notified that they will not be allowed into the country under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. In addition, it includes a list prohibiting any transaction by prohibiting people in Canada and Canadians outside Canada from participating in or providing services to any property related to these people. They are. Financial or related.

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EU-authorized officials are also said to be moving their assets, and EU citizens and companies are being barred from accessing funding for them. They are subject to a travel ban, which prevents them from entering or leaving the EU.