August 16, 2022

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Ronaldinho returns to football in Mexico after seven years, announced by this club!


Ronaldinho Return to Mexican lands. After many years away from football, the Brazilian star has decided to embark on a new adventure in Mexico, although this time it will be off the field, not to mention his status.

Ronaldinho pointed to the legend he wanted to play for

What is true Royal St. Louis The market was shaken after the announcement of the merger of the former footballer. The company seeks to win the love of Potosi fans and competes with celebrities Athlete St. Louis There is no expected root after changing the colors of the company due to the investment made Atletico Madrid.

PotosĂ­’s new team surprised everyone by confirming their arrival and competing in Serie A of the Mexican Football Federation’s Premier League. Ronaldinho Through their social networks.

However, due to regulations that only allow players born between 1998 and 2000, ‘Dinho’ cannot be registered as a player, so the club has not released details of the occupation status.

An unusual reason why ‘Dinho’ does not apply to banks in Mexico

It will be in the next few hours Royal St. Louis Report on the return of world champion Aztec football. Remember that Ronaldinho Played for him Querrediro One year later, in June 2015, his dismissal was confirmed.

Presented by Raul Arias as DD of Real San Luis

The project of Royal St. Louis Intensity indicator has provided coaching Raul AriasAfter a long career at Liga MX after directing films such as Nexus, Chivas, Degos, Veracruz and San Luis, he made it to the 2006 Glasura Finals.

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“I’m glad to have the opportunity to lead, which is a tough and good type. I’m mainly happy because it’s done in my city, with the fans I love the most, Arias With Potosino painting.