Roger Waters Performs the Brilliant Masterpiece The Wall


Roger Waters 

Citizens Bank Park 
Philadelphia, Pa 
July 14, 2012
Photos: Steve Trager
The summer of concert performances can be long remembered  for years to come when Pink Floyd’s co- founding member and Bassist closed out his concert Tour of one of the most brilliant concept recordings The Wall, is truly a brilliant endless master piece of music captivating numerous stellar hits surrounding it’s fortress of music. In 1980 Roger Waters built this landmark concept recording with Pink Floyd and released it to the entire world of music fans that praise Pink Floyd for brilliant innovative lyrics and musical content that connect with music fans spanning countless generations.
In 1990 Roger Waters tore down The Wall in Berlin with an all star artist lineup lending voices throughout this once in a lifetime performance back then, and in 2010 launched one of the most successful arena production tours in the world with quadraphonic sound capturing the full effect of the actual concept recordings of The Wall. Philadelphia had the pleasure of Roger Waters performing 3 consecutive sold out nights with a massive production with the likes of fans never seeing again as both a history making event and a once in a lifetime live spectacle show of The Wall. 
For any music fan who never had the opportunity to capture this event in 2010, Roger Waters launched a stadium version of The Wall twice the magnitude of the arena setting, still capturing that brilliant sound echoing across America one last time. It’s quite often we music fans get the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the opening of a typical show here in Philly, but to think we were truly blessed with the closing night of The Wall stadium version during the month of July 2012.
Amongst 70,000 fans in the house at Citizens Bank Park, Roger Waters kicked off Part one of The Wall around 9:15 with a short intermission and closing the show with part two just after 11pm. The production was nothing short of greatness as during the entire show The Wall massively is built brick by brick to a point where visually you can’t see Roger performing; one can only hear him making it such a unique type of show.
For some it is all about revisiting the past with one of the greatest concepts ever The Wall for others it is the climax of the show when The Wall collapses in closing of the show complete with a full spectrum of lights, lasers, and pyrotechnics making this show one of the best in Philadelphia during the summer concerts surrounding the atmosphere at Citizens Bank Park.
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