Roger Hodgson Gives Fans Great Pop Songs

Roger HodgsonRoger Hodgson

River Rock Show Theatre
Richmond, BC
March 3, 2011

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If today’s songwriters would like a lesson in melody and phrasing, they should attend a Roger Hodgson show. The former Supertramp vocalist and keyboardist pulled into Vancouver for a show at Richmond’s River Rock Show Theatre this past week and laid down the laws for the perfect pop song.

Armed with a four piece band – three quarters of which of which were Canadian – Hodgson ripped through a long set of 22 classic Supertramp hits and select solo pieces for an intimate evening of 70s bliss. Dressed in somewhat subdued nostalgic fashion, the rocker spellbound his audience right away with the opening keyboard taps of Take The Long Way Home all the way through to the show closer It’s Raining Again. There’s something special about that keyboard sound and the way Hodgson plays it – almost as if those notes hit certain nerves in the brain to bring out memories and strong emotions.

It was interesting to see how the audience reacted to the songs. Each one of them connected in a very special and emotional way as they bounced and stood to their favourite. And the more they connected, the more Hodgson seemed to love what he was doing. It’s also interesting to note that it took an entire show to realize that the band did not have or need a guitar player. The only guitar we heard was when Hodgson ditched his piano or keyboards and grabbed one of his 12-stringed weapons of choice.

No matter how much charisma Hodgson may have had, it was his songs that made the evening so memorable. The band was as solid as a rock as they plowed through such Supertramp classics as School, Breakfast in America, The Logical Song, Dreamer and Fool’s Overture, but it was equally surprising as Hodgson pulled out obscure solo tracks like the amazing Along Came Mary from the 2000 album Open The Door. He closed the set with the triumphant Fool’s Overture.

After the regular show was over, the seated casino crowd jumped to the floor and remained there jammed at the front for three encores that ended with It’s Raining Again.

Roger Hodgson