December 7, 2022

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Rodolfo Hernandez cries for his daughter and says he will bet on peace – presidency – 2022 election

Presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, in an interview with CNN, broke down in tears in 2004 when Eln recalled the abduction of her daughter, Laura Juliana Hernandez. He also promised that if his government won the second round, it would “dedicate itself to peace.”

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After journalist Andrs Oppenheimer asked him If his daughter had been abducted by an armed group he had changed her personallyThe “engineer” ended the interview with tears in his eyes, referring to the violence in the country.

Hernandez responded precisely that he had decided to become a part of politics “Look at how it collaborated on that great scourge that the Colombians had in the last decade, and see how it was fixed by the ancestors 30 years ago.”

The presidential candidate added, “Everything that happened in Colombia was a revelation demanded by the agricultural sector that the government did not pay attention to at the time. When they did not contribute to the poor as always, look at me. Incubated, 250,000 people died.”

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“How much blood had to be shed for them to sign the peace treaty. How much pain, how many families were destroyed (…) So now that I have a chance to win, I am going to dedicate myself to peace.” Concluded the interview with CNN.

The candidate’s eldest son, Mauricio Hernandez, told EL TIEMPO that it should be noted that Laura Juliana Hernandez was abducted by El in June 2004 when she was 23 years old.

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Mauricio said his family had “made every effort” to secure Laura Juliana’s release. “The national government was very difficult to help us. Unfortunately things were not offered for negotiation. We lost my sister,” he promised.

Rodolfo, according to his son, refused to pay the ransom. “If it wasn’t different, of course if they had kidnapped one, they would have kidnapped 10 people from the same family, and logically, that’s not the best thing he could have said,” Mauricio said.

It is unknown at this time what became of the teenager’s body.

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