Rocking Out In 2012


So here we are, on the last stretch of 2012. We're not quite over and as far as new music goes, we all know that things can change in the blink of an eye. There have already been a few memorable hard rock tracks however, that have taken this year by storm. Some of the bands that have served up their audible wares, are veterans to the rock arena. Others are new kids on the block with a lot to prove, and the means to do it. Over the years, rock has evolved and morphed. For a while in the early 00's, it did seem as if it lost its way. Luckily, the genre is very resilient. Back on track and ready to attack, rock singers, writers and producers are distilling the best of the past, and fusing it with the sounds of the future. What makes a good rock track? Is it anger? Is it pain? Is it suffering, love and rebellion? Maybe it’s a bit of all these things and more.

Rock today speaks to a generation that is highly intelligent, demanding, musically and sophisticated, and who will not be condescended to. The hard rock audience is still full of passion and high energy, but they want their rock to make sense. They need it to speak about the feeling, emotions and experiences that make up a part of their lives. With this short list, you will see offerings from bands and singers who have made visceral connections with their audiences, and with the essence of the genre itself. We hope you will take a couple of these titles with you, and source some music downloads. Nothing excites us more than the prospect of you rocking out, with the best that 2012 has had to offer.

1.     Papa Roach – Still Swinging. This song just grinds and grinds, spitting sparks and energy for its entire duration. Drawing from a very modern approach to composition, the group has still managed to retain that infectious pure rock feel that we've come to expect from them.
2.     Green Day – Let Yourself Go. This band is a part of rock tapestry and they are extremely influential. Many have tried to copy, and all have failed. Their lead vocals are very present, but work well with the complimentary musical arrangement. The song itself was an instant favorite for us.
3.     Smashing Pumpkins – The Celestials. The Pumpkins are the very epitome of rock, and we love just about everything they come up with. This song in particular took this year by storm. Simple, atmospheric, ambient and hardcore all at the same time, The Celestials is a song you will have on constant repeat. 
These are just three of the best of rock for 2012 – all of which didn't make our initial predictions for the Top 12 of 2012 published in December of 2011. There have been many more offerings this year, and while they didn't make this top list, they didn't go unnoticed. Like we mentioned previously, the year isn't quite over yet, so who knows what other old and new bands have in store for us?
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