December 1, 2022

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Robert Lewandowski responds to Lionel Messi at the 2021 Ballon d’Or Gala | Football interests

Many days have passed since the end of the Balon d’Or, and this Monday, for many, the comments of the great victim of the gala became known: Robert Lewandowski.

The Polish striker, who went barefoot in 2020, started out as a favorite for Lionel Messi when the ceremony was canceled when he appeared to be the absolute winner. In the end, the Argentine won the player award by a narrow margin.

In the speech, Leo devoted a few words to his opponent. He asked FIFA to award Bayern Munich the “Benefit d’Or they deserve”: “I want to tell Robert that it’s an honor for me to fight with him. I think you deserve your Ballon d’Or. Last year everyone agreed that you were the winner. I think French football should give you the Ballon d’Or you deserve, just like you won last year.

Many fans, journalists and others described Rosario’s statement as “classic” and told him every reason why Lewandowski deserved his award.

Well, the 33-year-old footballer mentioned above finally talked about what happened that Parisian night, but his statements were cold to many. Total controversy over the show ‘Mock Football’ in his native Poland.

First, he pointed to ‘French football’ for the awards ceremony: “There was sadness, there was nothing to hide, I longed to win the award … I can’t say satisfaction, on the contrary, I feel dissatisfied.”.

After that, he thanked her for not playing any matches for his club that week, pointing out that he would not have attended the gala if he had known the final result in advance. The reason for all this is his anger.

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Although he assured that he was proud to have competed with Lionel Messi for the Ballon d’Or, he took the opportunity to cast a shadow of doubt on his heartfelt message: “I want your statement to be honest without being empty words”.

As someone says, he did not like what the former Barcelona said …