November 30, 2022

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Ricardo Peles wants to give another bomb to Sivas and is already in talks for a better player in the Mx League

Mx League

The Guadalajara team will not be satisfied with the team already assumed and will try to add an element that will strengthen the Rojiblanca attack.


They are not yet satisfied with the team’s assembly for the 2022 opening in Sivas, so the team is headed Ricardo Palace has been working hard to get at least one player To strengthen the Rojiblanco team, the manager will try to entertain many Rojiblanco fans.

During a conference on Friday, Repano’s director of sports promised that there was potential for continued recruitment of footballers. He did not want to go into details about names or positions So as not to interfere with the negotiations; However, the information began to spread.

According to a TUDN reporter, Eric Lopez, andGuadalajara also engaged in conversation with top officials of Pachoka and Victor Guzmn. Duos can get the services of a midfielder, however negotiating is not easy as Riotos is also trying to get Pocho to join his team.

In anticipation of Clausura 2020, Guzman has already been hired by Sivas, Doing preseason with Guadalajara; However, just hours after their debut on Match 1, the league announced an adverse end to anti-doping control, for which the exchange was reversed and the footballer returned to Heidelquins.

What are the other boosters?

Sivas has already provided Alan Moso and Fernando Gonzalez will be in addition next semester, They will try to add at least one more element to the attack, they want it to be Victor Kuzman. A novelty in midfield could be Walter Gayle Sandoval, who is returning to the club for another first-team opportunity.


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