August 20, 2022

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Ricardo Gareca’s confession at the press conference: “I asked my wife and children to come with me to live in Lima” | Peru Team | FPF | Video RMMD DTBN | Game-Total

In a press conference, from the facilities of the Miraflores Hotel, Ricardo Gareca He said he proposed to his family to accompany him to Lima while he was in charge Peru’s national team. However, it remained a proposal as no agreement was reached Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) After their discussion.

“I went on vacation, there was an interest to continue, but I raised what I didn’t raise. I talked to my collaborators, I left, I asked my family on vacation the fact that they can come with me while I live in Lima”, began ‘Tigre’.

Ricardo Gareca with his entire family. They’ve all been through tough times and are very close. (Photo: Clarin)

“There was a fundamental turn, but I don’t know what. I’m a footballer, these things can happen, but I don’t want to say what broke everything,” added Ricardo Gareca in the media.

It is significant Ricardo Gareca He led the Peruvian team for more than seven years, in which he reached the World Cup (Russia 2018), third place in the Copa America (Chile 2015), second place in the Copa America (Brazil 2019) and a playoff for the new World Cup (Qatar 2022).

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