November 28, 2022

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Ricardo Beles reveals what it takes for Cordova to come; Watch the departure of the Uriel Antunna

Ricardo Palace, Director of Sports Club Guadalajara Talked about the possibility of hiring Sebastian Cordova He made it clear that despite the fact that he is part of the youth team of a strong contender, any footballer with a passion and interest in the military on the Rojiblanco team, with proven quality, will have the doors open to join the team. Facing Closing competition 2022.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

At a press conference this Thursday, Dec. 9, the chairman Repano Socrato Cordova did everything he could to avoid the problem, However, he did not elaborate on the details of the alleged transfer, but clarified why the Mexican attacking midfielder is likely to join the Guadalajara squad: “It simply came to our notice then. I reiterate that we are trying to build a better team and we are working very hard.

“Any Mexican player is capable, Those who have the strength to improve our performance, but above all those who want to come to Shivas, It’s an option, an option for any Mexican player, who wants to strengthen us ”,” he said. Mentioned Beles, Without mentioning the names or making any judgment regarding the potency of the still blue cream element.

Blaise mentions the departure of Uriel Antuna

Manager of Shivas was also questioned about the departure of Uriel Antuna. Who was initially in exchange Cordova, But in the last hours its transfer to the country’s capital has slowed to the point where it seeks to form a triangle. Riotos or Santos for “Brujo” to go north of Mexico Another element is coming to the United States.

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About, Peles admitted to being Antuna Not enough in Guadalajara: “He’s on the national team, both he and Fernando Feltron and Luis Olivas. He needs to understand that we have him and everyone and that everyone can go out like I said. We are all on that rating. We are going to talk to him, he is an important asset It continues to be his football and it has important characteristics. His football speaks for itself, and obviously he should explode with the fans now, if he’s in the company, this time everyone can stay and everyone can leave ”.

About the final match that Atlas will play against Lyon

“It simply came to our notice then. The basic forces, we have the steps, we have to believe in what we are doing, a responsible plan and timely decision making, We know where we want to go, and we know Atlas They work well and agree, they don’t really do fancy work, they do their job well, the people in Guadalajara are happy with Atlas, but Chivas is getting a little closer to what we want with a serious plan. ”