CD Review: TAT – Soho Lights

Tat - Soho LightsTAT is a female fronted rock trio from London, England that spent the summer touring North America as part of the Warped Tour, performing on the Hurley stage, supporting their Oct. 2008 CD Soho Lights. Although RockStar Weekly tends not to review CDs that are more than a year old, Tat’s Soho Lights is a CD worthy of attention and may have been missed in its initial release.

By far the best band on the entire 2009 Warped Tour, the band have a superbly produced CD full of catchy rock tracks and slick guitar riffs full of power. No other band could match the song quality, honest energy and arena presentation they had. Tat is a band just waiting to play large venues.

Vocalist Tatiana DeMaria has a set of pipes that most singers wish for and a strong sense of her own sexuality in her presentation. She is a powerful woman, who sounds confident in her authority and believable in her rock delivery. She sings with a voice that sounds sweet, but gets gritty around the edges. She even has a little fun on the song Road To Paradise.

The standout track is Diamond Child, which sounds a bit like Joan Jett on steroids. It served as the opening track of their Vancouver Warped Tour show and could have easily been a great music video to promote the album. It comes across as a song that means a lot to her and might even be a bit biographical.

Reports say the band is currently writing material for the next full length CD. If Soho Lights is any indication of what to expect from this band, you can expect to see the word TAT tattoo’d somewhere on my body.