CD Review: Stryper – Murder By Pride

Stryper - Murder By PrideFor a while Stryper was starting to sound a little too grunge to wear the yellow and black anymore. When Reborn came out in 2005, it was great to have the Christian rockers back again, but something just didn’t seem right. However, with the release of Murder By Pride and the 25th anniversary of the band, Stryper is back with a vengeance.

Murder By Pride is simply Stryper at their absolute best. Powerful music, catchy hooks, viral lyrics and solid production. It’s like the 80s came back and were blessed by GOD himself. If To Hell With The Devil wasn’t an audio masterpiece, Murder By Pride would be the bands best album.

Eclipse Of The Sun kicks off the CD and sounds much like it was an original hidden track on the Yellow And Black Attack CD. Michael Sweet’s vocals are in top form. A very ballsy move is the cover of the Boston classic Piece Of Mind, which comes across as if it was a Stryper original, while keeping true to the original. Sweet must have picked up on the track while touring with Boston as a guitarist.

The title track has a To Hell With The Devil feel to it and should prove to be a concert favorite , as will My Love (I'll Always Show).

There have been many ups and downs, most notably the passing of Kyle Sweet, Michael Sweet’s wife. Despite the pitfalls, Stryper managed to put out the album and became very focused during the process. As a note. Robert Sweet does not play drums on Murder By Pride, he was replaced by session drummer Kenny Aronoff, however Robert has returned for the Anniversary Tour.

Murder by Pride celebrates what made ‘80’s rock and roll what it was, with an important twist – all the glory is given to GOD.
Murder by Pride is a delight to old fans but will most definitely draw new metal fans into the fold. This is a CD that goes back to the basics of what made Stryper work in the first place.