CD Review: Stareblind – Something Left Unexplained


Stareblind - Something Left UnexplainedSomething Left Unexplained is a strong debut from Montreal alternative metal band Stareblind. It’s crunchy, powerful and unrelenting in similar ways to Alice In Chains, Korn or even Soundgarden, but with a strong European flavor.

The music can be best described as post-grunge. It’s the CD we would have expected from a band that has lived through the grunge era looking for a new modern sound.

There are definite grunge elements to the music, with its song structures and vocal style, but they’ve developed them further with the use of metal elements like screams, shredding and slick production. There’s even an occasional burst of electronic loops to liven the sound a bit. It’s a CD that will most likely leave you guessing what comes next.

From the sheer power of the opening track Shelter, to the slightly softer-side of Embrace, the CD might have a difficult time pleasing pure metal enthusiasts looking for straight ahead Black Sabbath-like crunch, but will be a great addition to those searching for the next generation of grunge-metal.

With a new Alice In Chains release hitting the stores this fall, Stareblind will have a great shot at getting on contemporary rock radio when programmers discover that Canada has a band that can rival the Alice boys.