CD Review: Scorpions – Sting Of The Tail

ScorpionsEarlier this year when the Scorpions announced that the new album and world tour would be their last, one had to wonder if the album would be any good. Usually bands that are ending their career release records that sound like they are on their way out. Not the Scorpions. With Sting In The Tail, the German hard rock band have released their most definitive album since the 80s and quite possibly the best album of their career.

With enough edge, punch and catchy rock to please the casual Rock You Like A Hurricane fan, there’s more than a few rock n’ roll classics on this album.From the first song (and first single) Raised On Rock all the way through to the ironically titled The Best Is Yet To Come, Sting In The Tail is a masterpiece that sounds like a greatest hits album jammed with memorable tracks. The songs, like Raised On Rock, Slave Me, Spirit Of Rock and Sting In The Tail sound familiar, but are not re-worked material at all. From start to finish, this is the Scorpions we know and love and this is the Scorpions we’ll want to remember.

The album does contain four ballads, but none of them are weak. And if one looks back, the Scorpions have some of the slickest ballads in rock – Winds Of Change, Still Loving You and Moment Of Glory. Of the new ones, The Best Is Yet To Come and The Good Die Young are the most notable. The lyrics from The Best Is Yet To Come seem to sum up the bands career and allow them to leave with dignity, pride and strength.

“We cross another road and face another day,” the band sings. “Soldiers never die, they only fade away. How can we grow old, when the soundtrack of our lives is rock and roll.”

The band has come a long way since their humble 1972 debut album Lonesome Crow and in a career filled with plenty of highs, it’s great to see them leave on the highest possible note. This is an album that fans should be picking up because it’s a great album, not because it’s their last.