CD Review – Nero Zero

Nero ZeroOriginally from Kingston, Ontario, but currently hanging out in Los Angeles, comes a magnificent rock band, consisting of two brothers;  Diz Thomas (vocals), Sick (guitars), best friend, Rikki Twist (bass) joined by Cory Hartless (drums) and they call themselves NERO ZERO.  Their self titled album, mixed and mastered by Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, The Crystal Method) brought together not only incredible talent, but also captivating tracks.  Like most of us rockers, they also do not like to buy a CD for only one good song or a single hit, but want every song to rock, so, that is exactly what they created in this new album.

I was hooked already when the first track King Of Rock City started to play!  I didn’t have to hit replay because it stuck in my head as did track two which really tells it like it is with girls and rock stars….I could feel Diz’s vocals in Breath and the fantastic drums with heavy metal riffs on the guitars throughout this very powerful song.  All rock albums should have a ballad, and Nero Zero mastered it with Fade To Black And White.  If everyone could listen to this song while stuck in traffic, there would be no more road rage, there would be smiles and inner joy that all music lovers feel when they hear a perfect composition!  And who doesn’t love a good cover tune?  Nero Zero nailed Super Freak!

You can really hear Frank Gryner’s influence all over this album; they chose the right man for the job indeed!  Nero Zero’s self titled album amalgamates rock with talent in each and every track and is very addicting. The lyrics are clear, the instruments were played with expertise and or those of you out there with an addictive personality, this is a good addiction to have!  I am already looking forward to their next album!