May 18, 2022

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Review minute by minute the victory over Barcelona Levante in the Spanish League


No more time! Barcelona beat Levante to the Spanish League (2-3) thanks to goals from Abamayang, Petrie and Luke de Jong.

93 ‘Jordi Alba’s cross was deflected by Luke de Jong with a header and converted 2-3 for the Catalans. The Dutchman came in for Aba and sent her down with his first ball.

92 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOLLLLL from Barcelona!

90 ‘ Five more minutes added!

89 & # 39; Lavender is with the arrow after the tie. Now the third ‘Granodas’ is closer than the Parsa.

87 ‘Nothing happens in the Azul Grana area, Barcelona goes against it, the ball ends in the epicenter, Cardano saves Catarono’s shot.

86 ‘Yellow for Aravjo and a dangerous free kick for Levante.

Gonzalo Melaro took the lead with a 2-2 lead, collecting a penalty against 83 ‘Barcelona. What a great match in Valencia.

82 ‘ Levanteeeee’s Gooooooollllllllll!

81 ‘ Levante fined! Lenlett, who has now arrived for the Alves, clearly touches on Danny Gomez, leaving referee Munuvera no doubt.

80 ‘OK, Danny Alves walks out and enters Lenlet. Araujo goes to the right.

79 ‘ CAANTEROOO! He got a heel on the right and set foot in the area, taking out a center that wandered the area without finding a finisher.

76 ‘Lenglet is preparing to join Barcelona.

74 ‘Shot Sun and Der Stegen lay down to put the ball down.

72 ‘Tempeley retrieves a ball on defense and forces the foul.

70 ‘Barsa is definitely awake and Lavender seems to be showing a decline in health, apparently, mood.

68 ‘service changes were correct. Barcelona is another with the entry of Petrie and the poet.

65 & # 39; And a change in Lavender: Roger misses a penalty and Tony Gomez enters. High speed for ‘Gronota’ attack.

60 & # 39; The good center of Tempoley and Aubameyang has risen to mark the tie with his head. We went from 2-0 to 1-1.

59 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOLLLLL from Barcelona!

57 ‘Nico also left, and Petrie entered in his place.

56 ‘Enter the saffron for Frankie de Jong in Barcelona.

55 ‘ The Levante failed and Der Stegen saved the penalty against Roger Mart்ட!

54 ‘ Another sentence for Levante! Eric Garcia’s hand was inside the area trying to clear a corner.

52 & # 39; Jose Luis Morales did not forgive the penalty spot and Barcelona 1-0. The ‘Gronota’ team already deserves it.

51 ‘ GOOOOOOOOLLLL Lavender!

Fifty ‘ Levante fined! Mistake made by Danny Alves on son within that area. The Brazilian raises his hand so that the side does not pass and falls down. The arbitrator did not hesitate to award the maximum sentence.

49 ‘ UUUUYYYY! The center of the temple that connects Ferran to the head and the goalkeeper sends it to the corner.

48 ‘Petri and Kavi are already warming up in Barcelona.

46 ‘No change on either side. Let’s see if the attitude of Barcelona before Lavender will change.

Four. Five ‘ Start the second half!

For others! Lewandowski had a goalless draw against Barcelona, ​​but it was better. The chip needs to be replaced for replenishment of the service team.

Playing 45 + 1 ‘Morales is a danger to Bar பார்a defense.

45 ‘only one more minute added.

44 ‘Shot going over Frankie de Jong.

42 ‘ And Lovande responds! Radoza left-footed shot near Der Stegen’s room. Following is the ‘Gronota’ group.

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41 ‘Ferran’s shot reaches the goalkeeper’s hands without any problems.

40 ‘மேPamayang did not enter the game. The Gabonians disappeared.

38 ‘Xavi did not sit down from what he saw. Nothing has come to Barcelona for now.

37 ‘The center of the saffron touching the rubber bear is in a corner of Barcelona.

35 & # 39; Barcelona have not yet created a dangerous game. He can’t pass Lavender’s defense.

33 ‘The game was stopped to look after Morales, who clashed with Arojo and took the worst part.

30 & # 39; The first half hour of lavender with Barcelona between the ropes. Both ‘Gronota’ are hot.

29 ‘ OOOFFFF! Miramon’s center to near post, Araujo fights with Roger to finish the game, the Uruguayan gets up just in time and carries the ball out of the area.

28 & # 39; The last center of the son who did not find the finisher. Levante is encouraged, which constantly comes with great risk.

27 ‘ Very close to Levante! The playful Morales, eliminating rivals, left Araujo and entered the kitchen, with Der Stegen and Eric Garcia appearing just in line to avoid the goal.

25 ‘Levante is very good at every individual fight. Let’s see if this intensity lasts, but the physical appearance is immense.

23 ‘Levante Corner, Aroujo decides through a header on the penalty spot.

Twenty ‘ UOOOOO! Der Stegen’s best pass reached Ferran Torres, but the striker’s shot was stopped by Cardenas. There was chaos in the defense of ‘Gronota’ in that play.

18 ‘Alves continues to relax. Currently no one on the Parsa bench is warming up.

17 & # 39; Alves injures himself and then injures his ankle.

15 ‘Barசாa are not comfortable in defense or attack. The back is affected by Lavender’s speed and he has no movement above.

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12 & # 39; Now Barசாa is trying to seduce Levante a bit and slow down the game’s revolutions.

Yellow card for Campana due to a fault in the baskets in the center of the 10 ‘field.

It’s not a good start for the 7 ‘Barசாa and there have already been a number of losses and several breaks in defense.

5 ‘Miramon’s fault on Pheron on the right. Breathe for Barசாa who are finding themselves with the most ambitious Levante.

4 ‘Der Stegen stop campaign. Levante is more serious and Barசாa have no solutions.

3 & # 39; What Levonde is pressing is what leads Barcelona to the error.

2 & # 39; Now Frankie de Zhang tries and his shot goes up.

One ‘ Near Lovande! The mistake that Tony Alves made in the beginning was that he hit the ball first to Jose Luis Morales. The Brazilian apologized.

The competition has begun! Levante and Barcelona meet at Ciudad de Valencia.

New evidence for Barca Service. An actor who focuses on retrieving second place on the table is measured against one I woke up Fighter to get out of the downtrodden and test the invincible dynamics of the Azulgranas.

PetrieThe most talented footballer on the Catalan team, he will play starting on the bench TempleWho agrees to the attack Ferron Y ⁇ பமேயங். PQ The fight is lost due to injury.

Confirmed rows

I woke up: Cortenas, Miramon, Robber Pierre, Postigo, Weso, Sun, Radoza, Pebelu, Campana, Morales and Roger.

Barcelona: Der Stegen; Alves, Araujo, Eric Garcia, Alpha; Busquets, Frenkie de Jong, Nico; Tembole, Ferran Torres and Abameyang.

Table: 1:00 pm from Honduras (9:00 pm from Spain)

Transmission method: Skysports.