CD Review: Lynch Mob – Smoke and Mirrors

Lynch  Mob - Smoke & MirrorsNineteen years since their debut album Wicked Sensation was released, Lynch Mob has returned with Smoke and Mirrors, a strong collection of 13 bluesy/southern hard rock standards. Sounding much like a natural follow-up to Wicked Sensation, the music feels like it was born in the south, but cranked up through a massive pile of Marshall amps. It’s old-school, four-on-the-floor hard rock and most definitely worthy of attention.

Smoke and Mirrors is groove-based hard rock, layered with great vocals from Oni Logan and some smokin’ riffs and leads from guitar hero George Lynch. 21st Century Man and Lucky Man sound like natural singles, while The Phacist and We Will Remain show some early metal roots and may have been good Dokken songs.

The guitar tone throughout the entire album is nice and crunchy. Most notably, the guitar solo on Time Keepers is worth the price of the CD alone. The title of the CD could easily be a reference to Lynch’s blazing guitar playing, as most aspiring guitar players could attest to.

It’s great to hear Logan back in the band. He parted ways with Lynch back in the early 90s shortly after the debut CD came out. Lynch Mob hasn’t sounded the same since Logan left, although his initial replacement, Robert Mason, faired well. (Mason was recently announced as the new singer of Warrant).

Logan and Lynch were, and always will be, Lynch Mob – the real deal… the smoke and the mirrors. Anything else is just an imitation.