CD Review: Hard Road – Miles and Miles

Hard Road

When it was first announced that a new Canadian hard rock supergroup was going to be comprised of members of the Killer Dwarfs, Moxy, Santers and Lee Aaron, the expectations for the new band and its debut CD were set really high. That band is Hard Road and the debut CD is Miles and Miles.

Miles and Miles is like a journey back to better times – heavily influenced by the metal and hard music of the 70s and 80s – with eight solid tracks of musical bliss. From the opening of the CDs hardest track Hard Road to its closing with the catchy tune Heading Home, the music contains obvious influences from each of its members, but somehow it all manages to work together.

Vocalist Russ Graham sounds as good as ever and brings out the urge to play an old Killer Dwarfs LP, while Moxy’s Earl Johnson has produced some of the hottest guitar riffs ever laid down on Canadian soil. Ex-Santers bassist Rick Lazaroff and ex-Lee Aaron drummer Morgan Evans round out the band with a solid rhythm.

Oddly enough, fans of each member of Hard Road will hear the influences of their previous efforts, but it still comes across as a new band. It’s hard not to listen to Miles and Miles without hearing those influences. At times the listener might think it’s a new Santers CD or even unreleased tracks from Moxy or Lee Aaron. And that trademark Russ Graham voice will always bring back memories of watching Killer Dwarfs videos on Toronto Rocks or Good Rockin’ Tonight.

Standout tracks on Miles and Miles include Nobody, with its catchy rhythm, Heading Home which seems to be based around a strong Earl Johnson riff, and the title track, which sounds like a long-lost 70s ballad.

Hard Road’s Miles and Miles is a symbol of better times, better music and the triumphant return of Canadian rock and roll.