CD Review: Fattooth – Fattooth

FattoothMontreal punk metal band Fattooth are currently touring Canada to support their debut self-titled CD, which came out a little earlier this year. So this would be a fitting time to look at Canada’s most original release thus far this year.

The nine track CD features a refreshing collection of punk, rock and metal all mish-mashed into one unique sound that clearly defines a band that knows where it’s going. It’s music with a rock groove, some pretty cool metal guitar and a pure-punk attitude.

Very much like The Sex Pistols before them, Fattooth will confuse some people, anger others and in the end they’ll gain a strong fan base along the way. And that’s clearly something the Canadian music industry has never dealt with before. In this conservative market, Canadian fans have had to rely on non-domestic bands to get their fill of punk bands with attitude. We have our fair share of Hedley sounding pop-punk bands with the likes of Sum-41, Simple Plan, The Latency and tons of others, but we have never had a band willing to challenge the system and give listeners something to spark both their ears and their intelligence.

A couple of the tracks on this debut are better than others, but some of the standouts include Rock Around The World, Bacteria, Shitzami and The More Machine. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Fattooth have done something that most bands don’t accomplish in their entire career – they are 100% original and clearly defined.