CD Review: Danger Danger – Revolve

Danger Danger - RevolveAfter 16 years it looks like Ted Poley and the boys in Danger Danger have settled their differences and are back to creating the music that made them famous. Revolve is the band’s seventh studio album, and the first music recorded with Poley since the troubled Cockroach CD in 1993. Frontiers Records will release the new album in Europe on September 18, while LowDice is scheduled for the US release on the same day.

Sounding like it fits in between the popular self-titled debut and the masterful Screw It, the music is catchy, well-polished and undeniably D2. It would be hard not to bring Revolve to a tailgate party or to blare it while driving down the highway. Dirty Mind, That’s What I’m Talking About and Hearts On The Highway don’t miss a beat – being some of the catchiest music since grunge killed rock in the early 90s.

D2 are, for the most part, at the forefront of the next wave of rock ‘n roll and have been getting rave reviews for their recent live performances. Poley’s voice is as strong as ever and sounds much like the same guy who sang Bang Bang and Monkey Business back all those years ago. Rob Marcello is the lone guitarist on this album and has become a solid player, making Andy Timmons a distant D2 memory. Steve West is and always was solid on drums and has a great vibe to his playing this time around. Bruno Ravel is more than just a bass player for the band – he co-wrote all the tracks with Steve West and produced the CD at Soundcheckers in New York.

Ravel has production skills that rival Bob Rock and any band looking for a killer sound should be seeking this man. The sound is always BIG, well layered and he knows how to get the best out of everyone. The two best sounding D2 albums, Screw It and Revolve were solely produced by Ravel and are the most focused and pounding.

The Danger Danger boys are back in the game, and with Revolve they’ve got the goods to back it up.