CD Review: Broken Bells – Broken Bells

James Mercer, formerly of The Shins, has teamed up with Brian Burton a/k/a Danger Mouse to bring us their first brand new, self titled album called “Broken Bells”.  Broken Bells was released March 9, 2010 by Columbia Records with their first single “The High Road“, already on sale since before Christmas at iTunes.

This new alternative album breaches the gap between the sixties era and the new century with psychedelic melodies that include a full string section arranged by Daniel Luppi.  At first listen I thought I was hearing a modern day Beatles CD, but without words that you can sing along to.  The hypnotic sounds all throughout the entire album brought me back to my LSD days and then made me want to take a huge hit from a bong!  Luckily I realized that my abnormal drug seeking behavior only happened when I listened to this album.

If you like bands such as White Stripes or The Doors and don’t mind a lot of “filler” to add time, then definitely add Broken Bells to your collection, however if you are a rocker like me, don’t waste your money on it unless you want your rocker friends to morn the loss of your good taste in music or possibly call an intervention.