Review: Black Hat Villain – My Generation

Black Hat VillainOne of the best bands to come out of Vancouver, BC is the dirty and dangerous rock n’ rollers Black Hat Villain. The band has released a 6-track EP, My Generation, which quite frankly could be the best release of the year. The tracks are hard hitting and grab you from the opening of the title track through to Country, the EP’s closer.  The only weakness that I can come up with about the My Generation EP is that it is only 6 tracks long and way too short – but it is only an EP after all.

My Generation is a catchy anthem and could truly be the voice of the next generation, while One Way Street, All My Friends Are Dead and Rain Or Shine are a bit more crunchy and direct. Throughout the CD, there is a powerful rhythm section providing the driving power of the band, while the guitars and harmony vocals sell it.

RockStar Weekly recently attended a Thorny Bleeder Records showcase and that’s where we caught a Black Hat Villain performance. It was the crowd interaction and the fist pumping that made us want to investigate what all the fuss was about. By the time they played My Generation, the audience was transfixed on the band and we were sold on their ability to rock the crap out of us.

It’s exciting to hear a band that loves to rock out and kick some serious ass. Rush might have owned it in the 80s and Nickelback are the current reigning champions of melodic rock n’ roll, but Black Hat Villain are the most likely successor to Canada’s international rock throne. This is honest sounding vintage rock n’ roll with a bit of punch. And a band like this only comes around once in a generation – my generation.