CD Review: Behemoth – Evangelion

Behemoth - EvangelionPolish blackened metal band Behemoth have stood the test of time and have just released their ninth CD, the powerful and extremely slick Evangelion. Throughout the band’s experimentation with sound they’ve still managed to remain true to their extreme values. Even though the CD has elements of sitar, horns, acoustic guitars and keyboards, don’t mistake this for anything other than fundamental blackened metal from the Polish masters.

Interpreting the words of God in their own unique and blasphemous ways, the band has stuck to the blackened death metal sound of recent albums. While Evangelion is not a monumental step forward or an attempt to sell-out, a few unusual surprises occur throughout the CD.

The elaborate production and orchestration that began to utilize on The Apostasy are pushed a little further on Evangelion. Horns and some acoustic guitar eerily introduce the album before Daimonos kicks into overdrive and a sitar solo closes out the second track Shemhamforash.

Oddly, the song Lucifer is a dramatic shift for the band. The pace is slow and the vocals restrained as Behemoth comes close to sounding like a black metal version of Marilyn Manson. The rest of the album is full of enough machine-gun sounding double bass drums and plenty of snarly growls from lead vocalist Nergal to please even the toughest of fans.

The song Ov Fire And The Void, which is the first video from the album (banned on YouTube, by the way), is outstanding. While not straying from their blackened roots, the song is catchy and the guitar hooks worthy of a Guitar Hero track. The slick production of the video is strong and the content controversial as Nergal rips out the heart of a naked angel.

Behemoth should not be dismissed as just another blackened metal band – the music is well thought-out, intelligent and extremely well produced, while the lyrics sound like they are straight from the evil soul himself. The band is starting to create music that is unique and identifiable – 100 per cent Behemoth.