CD Review – Barn Burner – Bangers

Barn BurnerCanada is well known for turning out gifted music artists such as Rush, Nickelback, Lee Aaron, Sabastian Bach (Skid Row), and now Barn Burner with their new heavy metal album titled “Bangers”. The foursome consists of Kevin Keegan on guitar and vocals, Marc Doucette on guitar, Nick Ball on Bass, and Taylor Freund on drums, signed with Metal Blade Records is currently on tour promoting “Bangers”. The album was released February 16, 2010 mainly focusing on the first track titled “Holy Smokes”.

I was hooked immediately when listening to “Holy Smokes” with the Iron Maiden like riffs and the intensity that lasted all throughout the entire album. The second track titled “Fast Woman” impressed me with catchy lyrics as I do appreciate a band that is not afraid to use profanities when necessary. Barn Burner’s ability to create a Black Sabbath like sound, yet unique timbre makes them the pinnacle of perfection in their field. The lyrics were clear and magnetic, which is important when you want your songs to be remembered, and the guitar solo’s stood out.

The intensity in “Runnin Reds” and “Medium Rare” felt in every track gives me a clear picture of what it would be like to be in the Mosh Pit at one of their concerts. When being tossed around like salad, you do not notice or care about the smashing elbows in your head and ribs, due to the complete joy that every rocker feels when experiencing the live sound of true heavy metal. I would recommend “Tremors” for radio play because it is upbeat and would keep listeners tuned in.

“Bangers” concluded with “Old Habits”, which is a beautiful instrumental that gives the artists in Barn Burner a chance to show off their gifted talents and is a perfect ending to a perfect album.