CD Review: Auras – New Generation

AurasBrazilian AOR/pop-rockers Auras have recently released their exciting debut CD New Generation via Frontiers Records, despite performing a music that is not considered popular or even accepted in their home country. The music would best be described as a mix of US rockers Danger Danger and Journey with a bit of Canadian pop-rockers Honeymoon Suite thrown into the mix. The band is both strong and exciting, while being jammed with messages love, hope, dreams and faith.

Gui Oliver’s vocals are a charm. They lead with authority, strength and are easy to listen to. His sound is reminiscent of Steve Perry (Journey) and works well with the melodic harmonies that accompany him. The album has a strong beginning with Beauty Of A Dream, Forgive And Forget and Never Give Up,  but tends to slow a little from then on in. If the album had maintained the excitement of the first three tracks a bit more, it would have been the perfect CD for cruising down the road with the top rolled down (or for the lesser of us, with the windows rolled down and the vents open). There are some other great tracks on the album though; including a cowbell driven That’s The Way Love Goes  and the album’s closing tracks Out Of Love and Love To Survive.

As far as debut CDs go, New Generation is a great start for a solid band that could have easily rivaled Journey in the 80’s. By comparison, listening to the first Journey album would be a bit like the torture sequence from A Clockwork Orange, while New Generation comes off more like Departure, but that album took Journey five years and five releases in to reach that point. Bravo Auras, Bravo!