CD Review: Armored Saint – La Raza

Armored SaintThe Saint is back!  It has been nearly nine years since Armored Saint has blessed us with a new album, “La Raza”, released March 16.  Band members John Bush (vocals), Jeff Duncan (guitar), Phil Sandoval (guitar), Joey Vera (bass), and Gonzo Sandoval (drums), are a mixture of the original members of Armored Saint and Anthrax.  La Raza was produced by Joey Vera, formally of Anthrax and Fates Warning and is also the original bassist for Armored Saint. Most of their career has been with Metal Blade Records and still is today.

La Raza is heavy metal at its best!  Every track has the ability to stick in your head, due to the individuality of each song, yet blending together to make this album the epitome of excellence.   “Loose Cannon” starts it all off with clear lyrics, great intro, and no filler.  Throughout the album I was enthralled with John Bush’s ability to sing like a heavy metal God, and to clearly hear each musician play with professionalism and stamina.  “Little Monkey” was the clincher that brought me back to the time when heavy metal ruled the earth, hair was big, jeans were tight, and studs were seen on everyone’s jacket!  Armored Saint has always kept this rocker loyal, due to the never-aging, metal sound that is rare nowadays.

Armored Saint has the extraordinary ability to keep their fans loyal with heavy riffs, vocals and most importantly, never veering off of the heavy metal path.  “La Raza” is evidence of that.  If you like Nickelback, Alice In Chains, or Skid Row, then this album is for you!  Armored Saint, originating from Los Angeles, California, will be performing a hometown gig May 28, 2010, at The House Of Blues, Hollywood, California.