CD Review: Andrew Jackson – Feral Familiar

andrewjacksonToronto musician J. Andrew fronts the new trio andrewjackson. The debut album Feral Familiar (available now on iTunes) was recorded live off the floor between Iguana Studios in Toronto and The Factory in Vancouver with producer John Nazario (Nelly Furtado, Jack Johnson, The Tea Party) over a period of two years. The results are a collection of songs that sound vintage, but deal with modern issues and political turmoil.

Modern rock albums such as Feral Familiar give you the sense that you are listening to something new, yet there is always a familiarity to something old and that’s exactly what this album does. It sounds like a record that should be pressed on vinyl. Andrew has admittedly referred to The Cult’s album Electric as being his favourite when he was young and it shows through in his music today – simple song backbones brought out and developed into full out rock pieces. Feral Familiar was born out of classic rock, but takes a turn with a unique style that deserves attention. Standouts include the killer rock ballad Another Day of Misery with its great guitar solo and So Much More which just rocks!

This album is hip and edgy so if you are a fan of The Rolling Stones or White Stripes or just love all the classics, this is the album for you. It also has a few things to say and dives into topics such as freedom, revolt and politics in a strong way. Andrewjackson has issued a call to arms and time will tell if Canada is ready to take the plunge. Here’s to hoping we do.