December 10, 2022

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Results of the Ecuador 2021 Presidential Election

2 hours ago

Lillan Moreno congratulates Guillermo Lasso and says “democracy has won.”

Ecuadorian President Lennon Moreno has congratulated candidate Guillermo Lasso on the results of the second round of elections.

He did so in a message on Twitter on Sunday night, saying, “I wish him the best of luck for the good of the people of Ecuador.”

2 hours ago

Andres Aras acknowledges Guillermo Lasso’s victory in the Ecuadorian election

Ecuador’s presidential candidate Andres Aras has conceded defeat in the second round. “I am going to congratulate Mr. Lasso on winning today’s election,” Aras said in a speech. “We are a responsible and democratic actor in Ecuador,” the candidate said.

Aras acknowledges Guillermo Lasso’s victory 2:50

1 hour ago

Guillermo Lasso delivers a speech of thanks and is declared the winner of the second round

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso for Political Movement Opportunities (CREO) delivered a speech tonight in front of his followers in Guayaquil, celebrating his results in the second round of elections this Sunday.

According to the Ecuadorian National Electoral Council (CNE), Lasso received 4,397,921 votes (52.52%), compared to the 3,976,278 votes (47.48%) his opponent Andres Aras received in the election.

Lasso: Ecuador expressed need for change 8:11

4 hours ago

Analysis | The legacy of Lennon Moreno for the next president of Ecuador

What is the legacy of Lennon Moreno? 7:42

4 hours ago

Official Results at 9:00 pm (Miami Time)

Total minutes explored: 37,586 (94%) out of 39,985

Andres Aras: 3,872,269 votes (47.32%)

Guillermo Lasso: 4,311,512 votes (52.68%)

Source: CNE

5 hours ago

Official results at 8:42 pm (Miami time)

Total minutes explored: 32,242 out of 39,985 (80.64%)

Andres Aras: 3,245,533 votes (46.26%)

Guillermo Lasso: 3,769,618 votes (53.74%)

Source: CNE

5 hours ago

Official results at 8:25 pm (Miami time)

Credit: Gerardo Menoscle / Getty Images

Total records examined: 28,149 out of 39,985 (70.40%)

Andres Aras: 2,759,291 votes (45.35%)

Guillermo Lasso: 3,324,701 votes (54.65%)

Source: CNE

6 hours ago

Official Results 7:55 pm (Miami Time)

Total minutes explored: 16,414 out of 39,985 (41.05%)

Andres Aras: 1,623,326 votes (45.65%)

Guillermo Lasso: 1,932,729 votes (54.35%)

Source: CNE

6 hours ago

More than 71% of the citizens participated in this election day

The National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE) announced that at least 71.35% of citizens will run in the second round of elections this Sunday until 4:30 pm (local time).

5 hours ago

CNE says exit polls are not “official results”

Credit: Fernando Mendes / AFP via Getty Images

The Ecuadorian National Electoral Council (CNE) expects to begin sending official election results this Sunday through its corporate channels from 7:00 pm local time (until 8:00 pm Miami time). Webpage, Mobile application and social networks.

In a statement, he said the so-called exit polls “marginalized the error and did not reflect the outcome of the Ecuadorian vote in the elections.”

6 hours ago

Letter written by Andres Aras to Corresmo for the presidency of Ecuador

Andres Aras Calarsa is the candidate of the Left Alliance for Hope who is seeking the presidency of Ecuador, promoted by former President Rafael Correa. Aras, 36, is the youngest candidate to run in the second round of elections in Ecuador’s democratic history. The candidate is coming forward to resume the policies of socialism after the split of the left in the country.

Who is Andres Aras? 4:24

6 hours ago

Guillermo Lasso is the candidate for the third time as President of Ecuador

Guillermo Lasso Mendoza, of the “Create Opportunity” movement, is running for a third term as Ecuador’s presidential candidate. In all these endeavors he has reached the second round and this time he believes victory is on his side. A native of Guayaquil, Lasso has been associated with both public and private entrepreneurs for over 50 years. He raised one of the largest banks in the country and is now trying to win the votes of departments that have historically opposed choosing a right-wing trend.

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Who is Guillermo Lasso? 4:24

7 hours ago

Lasso and Aras used social media for their presidential campaigns

In Ecuador, social networks are prominent in the run-up to the second presidential election. Two presidential candidates, Guillermo Lasso and Andres Aras, began to try to win the votes of those who sought greater contribution and respect for their rights. Young people, women, the LGBT community, indigenous peoples and environmental activists were the targets of the campaigns.

The role of social networks in the Ecuadorian election 4:01

8 hours ago

Lennon Moreno: There will be respect for the election results

Ecuador’s President Lennon Moreno has voted to say that results are to be expected and that “excessive action” will not be allowed and that there will be “orderly” and peaceful change. The president casts his ballot at the Colgio Socrates Corazones de Rumibamba in Quito this Sunday. In the end, Moreno sent a message to the nation in which he called on the people to take note of the final results and, as a government, to respect the outcome of the election.

Moreno: There will be respect for the election results 0:35