December 7, 2022

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Restrictions in Najo for prisoners of octopus resistance and coral cases

The maximum number of security prisoners they have detained, mainly those involved in the Pulbo and Coral corruption network cases, have more controls than ordinary prisoners at the Najayo Correctional and Rehabilitation Center.

Hilda Patricia Lacombra, director of the new prison model, was interviewed by Hucci Lora and Edith Phoebles when she attended the El Diya show.

The show, which airs on Telecystema (Channel 11), offers maximum security prisoners one hour of sunlight, at least three hours, once a day or three times a week, food, lunch, breakfast and dinner.

If they have a medical condition similar to that of the general prison population, receive special food prescribed by doctors, the right to study, education through training, psychological assistance, medical assistance, with their families.

The only thing that distinguishes maximum security prisoners from the general public is that these employees have more control, they have the right to go out of court once a day, while the general public can have more access to the sun.

Inside, there is a bed, a bathroom area, a table in a maximum security cell so that the prisoner can sit down to eat or study, with ventilation and lighting installed by international standards.

However, they do not have air conditioning in any of the hostels, nor do they have the maximum or the general public, nor do they have any contribution from the relatives of the prisoners.

Apart from Najayo, other high-security cell campuses are located in San Francisco de Magorus, La Vega, La Romana, and San Pedro de Magorus, and pavilions have not been set up to house this type of prisoner.

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