December 1, 2022

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Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey are taking advantage of the gubernatorial election Univision Political News

The Republican Glenn Young e On Tuesday night Virginia declared victory in the presidential election Terry McAuliffe is a Democrat After a close election contest. With his victory, Young will be proud to be the first Republican to win state office in that state in 12 years.

The defeat of Democrat Terry McAuliffe marked a sharp turn in the left-wing turnout over the past decade, and was used by President Joe Biden when he beat Virginia by 10 points last year.

Polling ended at 7:00 pm after several hours.

The referendum in Virginia was largely inconsistent. McAuliffe and Young are often out of sight before the planned celebrations in the important North Virginia suburbs where every campaign counts.

Economy and epidemics weighed heavily on the democratic candidate’s will

Young’s relationship with former President Donald Trump focused on issues such as abortion rights and cultural wars over schools. But voters saw the economy as the primary problem, followed by the corona virus epidemic, AP VoteCast, according to a statewide voter poll.

VoteCast showed that approximately half of Virginians have a positive opinion of Young, compared to a 55% negative rating for Trump. The Republican gubernatorial candidate has successfully resigned from the presidency.

Young, 54, was approved by Trump but did not appear in person with him, although the party is still dominated by the former president.

Meanwhile, school issues are important to many voters and may be good news for Young. His promise to ensure that parents have a greater voice in educating their children was central to his campaign, with Republican candidates predicting similar arguments across the country next year.

Republican Seattle also makes use of New Jersey

In New Jersey, Republican Jacques Ciatrelli took an early lead over Democrat Governor Bill Murphy, who is seeking a second term as governor for more than 40 years.

In New Jersey, polling stations closed an hour later at 8:00 pm (EST).

Special site surveys True clear politics Before the election they offered Murphy a convenient sale.

Local elections as Biden’s acceptance thermometer

The results could be interpreted as a preliminary ruling on Biden. A year later he won easily in Virginia with 10 percentage points.

But the failure in a state that has been moving toward the Democrats for more than a decade will deepen a sense of alarm within the party ahead of next year’s midterm elections, where congressional control is in jeopardy. But Biden expressed optimism in the evening, admitting that “the year outside is always unpredictable.”

“I think we will win in Virginia,” Biden told a news conference in Scotland, which attended the International Climate Summit. I’m missing … “

In recent months, the White House has been rocked by the tumultuous withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the slow economic recovery during the epidemics, and the legislative agenda at risk of stagnation on Capitol Hill.