December 7, 2022

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Republicans expel Liz Cheney from minority leadership in House of Representatives to face Trump | Solidarity Political News

The vote took place at the weekly Republican House of Representatives concludes that everyone, including Cheney, said they expected it.

It A voice vote, Which means there is no official number against how many, how many. Sources who attended the meeting informed the special media Mountain What a vote “Great” against Cheney.

After the vote, Cheney appeared in front of reporters on the porch of the building for a few minutes and promised to “lead the struggle” to have the “strong Republican” needed for the nation. And Trump is not “returning to the Oval Office” of the White House.

“We have to make sure that whoever we choose is loyal to the constitution. … We have to fight for substance and uphold conservative policies,” he added.

When asked about his dismissal, he said: “This is a sign of where the party is. The party is where we need to bring it.”

In a brief pre-vote speech before his dismissal, Cheney vowed to lead the fight for his fellow party members. “Let the party live as Lincoln’s party”, As the publication learned Politics.

Cheney will cease to be the third largest Republican leader in the House of Representatives, controlled by Democrats. In the next few days he will be replaced by Congresswoman Elise Stephanik.

The result varies with the confidence vote Cheney three months ago, 145 in favor and 61 against, When he was also questioned for his opposition to Trump.

In recent weeks, many have gone into the party Re-agreement with the former presidentLike McCarthy, who is changing his interpretation of what happened in the Capitol on January 6 and the responsibility of the then president in the violent mobilization, he did not criticize Trump for what happened today, as he did today. Incidents in which 5 people died.

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Trump celebrates accusation: “This is bad for the party”

Shortly after his dismissal, Trump released a statement In it he insulted the legislator by celebrating his departure from the Cheney leadership.

“Liz Cheney is a terrible and bitter man. I saw her yesterday (in her speech downstairs) and I realized how bad this was for the RepublicansSaid the former president.

He added: “She is a warrior His family foolishly plunged us into the endless chaos of the Middle East, Wasting our wealth and reducing our large armed forces. “

A Republican representative came from Illinois to defend Cheney Daniel Kinsinger, Who praised her “Tell the truth, the election was not stolen.”. “The party must stop pursuing the big lie”He cites Trump’s description of a never-proven fraud.

“I am proud of her and there are a lot of people who are proud of her. Thus there are many who feel that there is a threat But I know he will be a great leader for this country, “he added.

Graham: “We can’t go without Trump”

For his part, the senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham “He’s defending that we (Trump) can’t continue with him,” he said. “I mean, we can not go without him. I like Liz Cepat, but The damage done by trying to oust Trump from the party is greater than keeping him inside“.

Chuck Schumer, leader of the House Democratic majority, said Republicans were “shocked to be caught by this big lie.” “Liz Cheney told the truth, and now they’re kicking her out,” she said.

Cheney will be in his House of Representatives Will fight for re-election in the 2022 Assembly elections, In which Trump will definitely have to face a candidate who is already recruiting to compete with him.

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