November 28, 2022

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Renault Tilquad attacked Fabian Coyote and called him ‘Boca Succa’ after his critique of the Honduras-Tees.

Coach Renault “Sino” Tilquad, Honduras has not been quiet after hearing the reports of the former coach of the national team, Fabian Coyote, He said the person who spoke about his passing through the country was so violent that it didn’t go well.

Coyote spoke on Uruguayan radio this Friday, where he said “Honduras is a violent country, very violent” and many journalists considered him the son of a pooch …, after his terrible administration. At the command of the national team it practically drove her out of Qatar.

According to. Fabian Coyote’s explosive announcements about Honduras

Tilquad used social media to defend the country and Fabian Coyto revealed some details such as the salary he earned, the residence he lived in and the benefits. Fenafood, Like the car he drove around the country.

“Rinse your mouth when you speak ill of my beauty HondurasWhen they deposited that $ 25,000, he never said that Honduras was dangerous, I remind you, you lived in a high-value residential area, apart from that they assigned you a new car (Boca Suka), “the former U-20 wrote. National Team Technician.Govit-19 Honduras must respond to Coyote before outbreak.

“Chinese” Tilquad He was captain of the U-20 national team when Fabian Coyote took charge in 2019, but he was removed when the epidemic spread. Govit-19. Fabian, along with his teammate Daniel Uberti, was in charge of overseeing all the teams.

In his detailed interview given this Friday, Coyote explained that he received threats when he was under Bikler’s command because Honduras fans were disappointed to see the national team fail. The cycles of nine players from one game to another are often misunderstood.

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Honduras is now betting with Colombia to change the course of the 2022 World Cup. Hernan “Polillo” Gomes. There are only three points in the corner, and this November 12 he will face Panama in the final of the first round of the final CONCACAF tournament going to Qatar.