November 30, 2022

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Renault Parade Perez would have committed suicide

Ronaldo Parade Perez, general secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), is said to have committed suicide at his home in Juan Tolio on Thursday night.

According to the information available, Parade Perez left for Juan Tolio with his wife, Ingrid Mendoza, on Thursday afternoon, and before the voyage the retired Admiral of the Dominican Navy contacted his brother, Sigfrido Parade Perez.

However, according to journalist Julio Martinez Poso, he maintains a close friendship with the Parade Perez family. Siegfried did not notice any change in his character during the conversation with Renault, so it is not clear whether he decided to take his own life before or after the conversation with his brother.

Parade Perez, general secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), retired from politics in March 2020 after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Since he announced his health, Parade Perez has informed the Dominican community about the progress of treatment and the progress of a complex surgery performed at Prebisterian Hospital in New York, where he has been with chemotherapy sessions.

Parade Perez was kept in the privacy of his home, where he received friends and family in a very restrained manner, while keeping himself away from all public activities.

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