November 28, 2022

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Real Spain beat Colos Blancos de Guerrero on the first leg of their US tour – Dice

Real Espana beat Colos Blancos del Guerrero de Mexico 2-1 on Thursday in a friendly at the Ava Stadium in Houston, Texas.

The goals of the Aurinecro team are two works of art. Dorixon Pack fired a shot from three quarters of the court in the 7th minute using a left-footed shot and a Mexican Omar Rosas’ gem coming off the goalie with 66 runs.

For this match, Raul “Potro” Guttierez had to borrow from a goalkeeper. Former Florentio Javier Moron of Puebla, Atlas and Lyons Negroes defended Professor Portico.

Guterres had a chance to see Colombian Jesியs Martinez enter the second half with Ramiro Rocca in action.

After the match, the Arinecross players shared moments with the fans who had gathered at the venue to cheer them on.

They close their tour with two more meetings

Aurinecros’ second commitment on North American soil will be against the municipality of Guatemala on Saturday, July 10th.

The fight against Scarlett will take place at the Silver Pack Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

On Sunday, July 11, he will close his US tour in New Orleans, facing the Alabama Mexicans at the Washington Carver Stadium campus.

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