August 20, 2022

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Real Madrid vs Chelsea, an exciting fight in the quarterfinals

Real Madrid will meet Chelsea again in the Champions League quarter-finals after learning that they are their rivals

Crosses of the Quarter UEFA Champions League After this Friday’s draw and the fate of the eight final teams was known Atletico de Madrid, Bayern Munich, Benfica, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Villarreal.

The first fight between was defined Chelsea and Real Madrid. Facing the successful club of the current European champion edition, it is not only attractive on the field, but also the danger that the English have to live on in terms of travel due to the economic conditions they are going through.

And then he City of Manchester Measured against Pep Athletics in Madrid Diego Pablo Simeone, on the other hand, has been predicted by many to be one of the most equal fights of the event.

Meanwhile, The Villarreal Measured against Bayern Munich and Benfica In front of him Liverpool. In addition, return games will be played at Santiago Bernabeu, Wanda Metropolitano, Alliance Arena and Anfield.

The draw was defined, in addition to the quarterfinals, as well as the semi-finals, as well as the final decision on the ‘home’ team for administrative reasons, which will be at the State de France in Paris.

In the semi-finals, the City winner against Atletico de Madrid will play Chelsea’s winner against Real Madrid, while the winning team between Villarreal and Bayern Munich will face the prevailing team between Benfica and Liverpool.

The final match will be played in the semi-finals between Villarreal-Bayern Munich and Benfica-Liverpool winners.

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The quarterfinals will take place in the first leg on April 5 and 6 after the FIFA date, while the second leg of the same series will take place on April 12 and 13. For the semifinals, the first leg will be held on April 26 and 27 and the second leg on May 3 and 4.

Finally, the final of the UEFA Champions League is scheduled for Saturday, May 28, in the State de France in Paris, following Russia’s move from St. Petersburg due to an armed conflict between the country and Ukraine.