November 28, 2022

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Rayados vs Querétaro (0-0): Clausura 2022’s first goalless game

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

Despite that They came out as favorites In the steel giant, Rhizos could not with Queretaro They finished Drawing without goals On Day 1 of the competition 2022 ends, Where they were attacked and affected to create options on people He finished scolding them.

The It was the first time In BBVA, where Places They had the ball, 59 percent ownership, But they have no idea how to attack a opponent who has rarely recorded a shot on the goalboard in such a way as to reflect it on the scoreboard.

Sebastian Vegas There was one Options From Mob in 11 minutes, He captured in the second play Joel Campbell Chile on the left took a center of finish, but sent from one side.

Leonardo Sequeira Can Annotation One minute after arrival, when Appeared from the correct profile, Though Could not win To Estephan Android To define.

The controversy arose at 20 p.m., When Maximilian Perg defeated Vincent Johnson Fight a ball in the area and The referee scored from the penalty spot, Although he did not admit it after reviewing the play Where, Where He noticed that the Queretaro defender touched the ball first.

In Part II, The mob began to gain a clarity Bull Johnson 52 ‘, Who completed a center Campbell No brand, but Unable to define And the ball went over the curve of arrival.

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A few minutes later, Al 59 ‘, Arturo Gonzalez Got another chance on a free kick and it hit the post That seemed like a big goal The midfielder of the Royal team, perhaps the most vivid in the competition for the Royals. At 87 Rozelio Funes had one for Mori, Though It didn’t hit him well When he was alone in front of the goalkeeper the ball fell and fell to the ground.

In Match Day 2, Riotos Visit Nexa At Victoria Stadium Next January 14 At 9:00 p.m., When Cocks Receives on the same day Poomas At Editor, But at 19:00 p.m.